Are you Digital Ready?

Quality Digital reception required high quality R6 Coaxial cabling with a quality Digital Antenna suitable for your area.

Older homes may only have an antenna suitable for the old analog signal which has now been switched off in most parts of Australia. Flat ribbon or Air-filled/honeycomb cabling is not suitable for digital TV reception and will need to be replaced to receive a brilliant Digital picture on your quality digital TV.

There are a number of reasons as to why an antenna may not work correctly or stop working all together. Over time various parts of the antenna may become brittle or be damaged in high winds or storms. Pigeons or parrots may chew on the antenna or cables. Lots of rain or large amounts of water can cause corrosion in the balun, and cables may become worn over time. The ability to receive reception levels required for Digital TV can drop. For the best reception and brilliant picture quality, your antenna and cabling should be in good working order.

Antenna Installations